The birth of Bhakti Rocks:

My work as a healer and counselor was coming to a close. For over 30 years I had the privilege of doing deep intimate work with beautiful people wanting to become their best Self. I was ready for something different - to leave that behind and completely change my life. So I began praying for a vision of the the “new work”. What could I do for service, that would also serve me and my family? New creative impulses were wanting to emerge - art, exploration, freedom. This discovery process went on for about a year and a half.

In 2001 I was leading Goddess groups where we danced, explored creativity and healed ourselves and each other. Some of these groups went on for years. At the end of one of these sessions I invited each woman to bring something to place on the altar for our completion ritual. This would be a give-away. Each woman would leave the group with a symbol of their growth and wholeness. I had no idea where this would lead but then visions don’t always come with step-by-step instructions. More like just trust and follow your nose!

The next morning I woke up with the inspiration to put the Divine Mother on a rock! We lived in Northern California at the time and the beaches and rivers there have beautiful smooth, flat stones. At that time Ammachi was just becoming a well known saint to us in America and I recently had my first hug.

Then I thought of Anandamayi ma, “The Bliss Permeated Mother”, who has always inspired me, and I wanted to include her as well. There might have been a few more, I can’t remember now. I created these rock icons and decorated them with glitter and jewels and the women all loved them! I was amazed and happy and the rest is history.

That was over 10 years ago. I have been making and selling Bhakti Rocks at music festivals, craft fairs, and retail stores ever since then. I tell people who ask, that it is the best job I have ever had.

I get to go to the river with my husband, Marc, and collect stones that he carries in his back pack to the car. Not just any stones. The ones that are perfectly symmetrical, flat and smooth. When we used to live in California (Humboldt County) we would go home, wash them - filling up our deck – dry, sort and place them in the art studio to await decoration. Now, once a year we travel back to the mainland from Maui to collect rocks. We box them in the flat rate boxes and ship them over here to be painted and decorated. We do not use Hawaiian rocks. There are too many feelings about Pele getting angry with anyone who takes pieces of her island away. So, instead of that, we rescue rocks from the quarry where they would be ground into cement for California driveways. A win for everyone.

People love the rocks. The healing is still going on. Now the rocks do it. I hear amazing stories of where they have been – on the altar of someone healing from breast cancer, in the coffin as their mother was buried, the puja table at the Yoga studio or temple.

I am grateful and honored to be able to make them.
My business plan is: May the message of God spread far and wide!!

Thank you so much for your interest,

Blessings to you.
May all beings be free
May all beings be happy.


PS. I could not do this business without my wonderful husband of 35 years. He supports me in every way, not the least of which is carrying the boxes of heavy rocks and tents every time I go to sell. Thank you so much Marc. I love you.